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List of Operations and Recipients of IPARD II-Assistance

November 2018 - July 2019


Notice for beneficiaries _financial institutions of bank guarantee

List of the Operations and Recipents, IPARD II PROGRAMME IN ALBANIA (excel filecsv file)

Annual Plan for Call for Application for 2019 under IPARD II Programme 2014-2020 (english / shqip)

Call for Applications for IPARD II (Albanian language only)

Forecast Notice First Call for Application No. 01/2018 Under the IPARD II Programme (english / shqip)

Announcement related to the question of the rule of origin and the fulfillment of EU standards for agricultural vehicles / machinery (Albanian language only)

Guideline & Annexes for the Applicants

Ipard II Programe 2014-2020 in Albania (english / shqip)

  • Application Form for Measure 1 Investments in Agricultural Holdings (english / shqip)
  • Application Form for Measure 3 Investments in Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products Word format (english shqip)
  • Application Form for Measure 7 Farm Diversification (english / shqip)
  • Business Plan. Part 1 Narrative Part (english / shqip)
  • Business Plan. Part 2 Financial Tables (english / shqip)
  • Instructions for the Preparation of the Business Plan (english / shqip)
  • Technical Project Proposal. Part 1 Narrative Part (english / shqip)
  • Technical Project Proposal. Part 2 Financial Tables (english / shqip)
  • Instructions for the Preparation of the Technical Project Proposal (english / shqip)

Events Calendar

The Agenda of the Regional Meetings for the Promotion of the First Call for Applications under IPARD II (only Albanian)



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