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The 12th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the IPARD II Programme was held

The 12th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the IPARD II Programme 2014-2020 was held, a structure overseeing the implementation of this programme. The IPARD Programme aims to support the agricultural sector and rural development, fostering economic development in rural areas, improving the quality of life, and preparing agricultural sectors for the competitive EU market.

The meeting was attended by members of the Monitoring Committee of the IPARD II Programme, consisting of representatives of associations and interest groups operating in the field of agriculture and rural development, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, other relevant ministries, as full-voting members. Additionally, representatives of all IPARD structures, representatives of the European Commission, and the Delegation of the European Union to Albania were present at the meeting.

All attendees were briefed on:

  • Implementation of the IPARD programme in Albania and the region;
  • Programme implementation;
  • IPARD management and control system;
  • Activities related to communication and visibility;
  • Progress and progress of the programme evaluation activities, etc.

The implementation of the Programme has supported:

  • 137 investments in agricultural machinery and expansion of cultivated areas,
  • 80 investments in agro-tourism facilities,
  • 73 investments in greenhouses,
  • 72 collection points,
  • 46 investments in wineries and vineyards,
  • 40 agro-food processing factories,
  • 34 investments in stables and livestock farms,
  • 31 investments in renewable energy.

The Programme has contributed to gradually aligning with EU standards, policies, and practices, supporting economic and social development, environmental friendliness, through promoting the efficient use of resources and renewable energy.

Furthermore, the programme has directly impacted in stimulating employment by creating over 1000 new jobs related to the diversification of agricultural and non-agricultural activities on and off the farm.

The programme has provided support for young entrepreneurs (under 40 years old) and female entrepreneurs, constituting 50% and 25% respectively of the financed projects, creating an enabling environment for the growth and empowerment of young people and women engaged in the agricultural sector.

By the end of 2024, upon the completion of the IPARD II programme, Albanian Structures anticipate disbursing payments to farmers up to 79% of the European Union budget allocated for this Programme.

At the conclusion of the meeting, all IPARD structures present committed to providing maximum engagement to address the identified challenges and needs during the implementation of this programme, such as:

  • Developing an action plan with corrective measures that will be submitted to the European Commission;
  • Ensuring increased transparency from the application process to the signing of contracts for any support to farmers or agro-processors;
  • Prioritizing the enhancement of human capacities through additional training in collaboration with foreign donors operating in Albania, as well as through local institutions such as the Agricultural University of Tirana and the School of Public Administration, etc.;
  • Developing the possibility of an online application process for IPARD support through the e-application platform, aiming to significantly reduce administrative burden and facilitate the process overall;
  • Maximizing the commitment of IPARD structures to meet EU requirements.

The dedicated IPARD programme website contains an updated overview of the legal framework and necessary informational documentation. Additionally, on this website, success stories for investments made with the support of the IPARD II Programme are highlighted.

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