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Cooperation agreement with Turkish Payment Agency for absorption of IPARD funds

General Director of Agency of Agriculture and Rural Development, Frida Krifca, today signed a co-operation agreement with President of the Payment Agency of Turkey (TKDK), HakanKalender, in Ankara. The agreement aims to strengthen the relationship between the two institutions in areas of common interest and absorption of IPARD program funds, co-financed by European Union. The aim, through a cooperation strategy between the two Agencies is also to exchange experiences and trainings of the experts of this  field, to ensure the absorption of funds and effective performance in implementing EU program.

Payments Agency of Turkey accredited in 2011 for the management and implementation of IPARD program, is one of the most successful implementers of this program, with high results in the number of funded projects.


Focus of cooperation will be on capacity development and improvement of project acceptance processes, giving priority to economic impact and diversity of agricultural products, as well as innovations in this field. The meeting also attached importance to administrative controls, before and after contracting, as well as the management of technicalities during the project approval process.