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ARDA Launches Information Campaign – National Support Scheme 2019

ARDA kicked off today informative meetings with farmers and agro-processors on the National Farming Support Program 2019, in 12 districts.  Agency of Agriculture and Rural Development will inform interested persons on the applications and required documentation, in accordance with Joint Guideline of MARD and MFE, No. 3/1, date 15.04.2019. Direct measures and investments support the sectors of livestock, milk delivery, fisheries, the development of the olive sector, beekeeping, agro-tourism and inns.

Applicant with farmer status, in addition to identification documents, must have NIUS of the active farmer. Applications for Direct Measures will be made online in 20 Agro-Points 16 Regional Agricultural Extension Agencies and ADISA from 23.04.2019 to 10/05/2019. The final deadline for submitting documents to ARDA is 07.06.2019. Application and submission of documentation on Investment Measures will be carried out at ARDA Headquarters from 23.04.2019 to 17.05.2019 at the address; Str. Muhamet Gjollesha, no.56, Tirana. For information about the necessary documentation follow the ARDA website.