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Activities for the IPARD II Program, Second Call

Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development and Managing Authority at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development launched informative meetings on IPARD-II Program, Second Call, in framework of promoting program in 12 regions of the country. First activity took place in a livestock farm premises, in Lundra, on October 15, with a high participation of potential applicants from Tirana region, interested in the program and method of financing their projects. Special attention was paid to meet the criteria for full applications, to increase the chance of success.


General Director, Frida Krifca, who chaired the promotional meeting, emphasized that IPARD II program is no longer a novelty for Albania as we have implemented the first call and concluded 26 contracts that are in implementation.


This program, today more than ever, is an immediate demand by sector development aiming at supporting investment in the agro-food sector, with the aim of improving competitiveness, meeting EU standards, and diversifying rural areas. She also stated that through our IPARD Program, we aim to increase the agricultural sector, agro-processing and rural tourism, which starts with improving products in the agricultural market, promoting through creation, development, improvement, and food security. In particular, by meeting the objectives of the Program in relation to food security, stabilizing market prices. We will be able, in this way, to increase local production, promote local products, and ensure social inclusion in rural areas.


The promotion program will continue in every district of Albania until October 30, date of the second call, to familiarize potential applicants with the conditions of application.

Find out more about activities in other regions of the country at: 2.pdf